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Jul 9, 2017

London 2017

London, UK

Hey, Guys!

I'm back with a new post! I have missed you so much and I can't wait to post more!

So I'm officially done with junior year and it was a struggle. However, I am happy that I finished the year the best I could and that is all that matters.

So, Summer 2017 has begun! Bring out the shorts, summer dresses, sandals and my SAT workbook(the life of a student). Because summer had begun, I have been traveling a lot, right now I am back in Nigeria but I traveled to London for my birthday(another fun fact; my birthday is June 23rd and I turned 17!).

I was there for 2 weeks and spent my time eating, seeing my friends, shopping and transporting myself to different locations. Apart from eating Mexican food and other "delicious" foods, I also made some healthy fruity smoothie bowls that I could probably do a blog post about. They are so good, I promise.

Apart from turning 17,  I also saw a lot of my friends who I haven't seen in maybe a year. We eat food, laughed and reminisced on past events. I couldn't have asked for anything else.

I had so much fun and can't wait till I'm back in London again.

See you soon,

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